Thursday, March 19, 2015

Folkart's Semi Retirement

If you have not heard already Folkart Gatherings retail location has closed but we are alive and well on line @
I will keep you posted on all the new and fun items we will be carrying on our website.
I am so EXCITED about semi-retirement..
I will also post about the travels in my New Little Trailer.
Have not named her yet..any ideas let me know..
Here is her picture!
This is the before picture..She is getting a NEW paint job.
She is only 10 feet long..Can't wait to get her back home so I can begin decorating the inside (with the help of Tammy) and start GLAMPIMG!!
She has a red stove and frig with a black and red bandana print linoleum floor, which is original.
I will keep you posted on our travels..And all the items we have for sale on line.
Talk with you soon, Louann